Kobi Upholstery Cleaning and Risus

We called KOBI upholstery cleaning and risus, based on recommendations
from this list. We were not disappointed.
The guys who cleaned the chairs took pride in their work, even though
it took three times each chair for them to do their job. Yes, it has
been a while. They did not complain or ask for more money.
And their price is very reasonable.
I am only writing after coming back and seeing them dry. They are the
cleanest they have been for years.
As far as risus (polish), I have always used Kobi and always been satisfied.
He has always given me very practical advice.

you can reach him at 050-535-8282 or 0537-613-156

April 2008


  1. call Kobi of Kobi Hadbarot v'Polish. He is a great guy and can take care of
    most of your household cleaning tasks and extermination.

  2. One of my favorite Bet Shemesh service providers, Kobi of Kobi Hadbarot, did
    a fantastic job with his team, cleaning years of dust and grime off our
    windows and trisim. Kobi is always a pleasure to work with, and ever since
    we hired him to do the original "polish" on our house over 4 years ago, he
    has provided us with excellent reliable and courteous service in several
    areas including extermination, pigeon issues, carpet cleaning, advice on
    roofing...the list goes on. Here is a service provider who has really
    earned our patronage!


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