Chiropractor in Jerusalem

If anybody needs a great chiropractor in Jerusalem, I've found one.
Her name is Susan (Batsheva) Brody, from California, and her office is
at 8 Yoel Street in Mea Shearim. Her number is 050-866-1066. She
charges 180 NIS, less than half what I paid in the States. I was
going to a wonderful chiropractor in Arizona for 15 years and was
concerned that I wouldn't be able to find a good one here, and I've
been very happy with her.

September 2008


  1. I highly recommend Gene Plotkin (052-5079895) from Ramot -
    he moved from San Francisco recently, you can check reviews from his SF office:

    his current website is

  2. I want to second the recommendation for Dr. Susan Brody! I had the good fortune of discovering her at her new office in Center 1 (next to the central bus station). She is a great chiropractor! She spent a great deal of time with me and I felt great from the adjustment. Highly recommend Dr. Brody! You can reach her at 050.920.6010


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