I am highly recommending Pimsleur Ulpan, created and taught by Ami
Steinberger. As I have difficulty sitting though a long class of
Ulpan, this method is very refreshing. It is only 1 hour a day. It
is good for someone who likes alot of conversational Hebrew and does
not want a lot of homework or to sit through a long class.

Call Ami for more information: 052-671-4924. You can sample 2
classes to see if you like it.

August 2008

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  1. My daughter and I have also started with Ami. This approach works very well
    for those of us who want a completely oral presentation and who cannot spend
    five hours a day learning.

    Ami is considering opening a session here in Efrat. We are attempting to
    encourage him to do so.


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