Raving about Rechovot

I would suggest looking into Rechovot. We arrived 4 weeks ago (today) and absolutely love it here. The schools are nice, it's got all the amenities of a big city with a small town feel. On our street, there are charedim down at one end, Bnei Akiva along the street, and secular Jews further down. There are many Anglos, but not enough to make it American (our kids school has never taken in any Olim from English speaking countries). All in all, it feels like a Moshav, but you are in the city. Basic shopping is everywhere and big shopping is 5 minutes by car. The train is right here - it's wonderful!!!

Good Luck,

September 2008

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  1. Check out Rehovot.

    We walk to town to buy groceries when we don't want to drive to the
    supermarket. It is not a big city but also not a sleepy town.
    Train service to TA is fast and convenient, you can actually walk to
    the train station. It has a hospital, shops, places to eat and shop.
    The Weizmann Institute is an amazing green area of the city (they
    have 200 gardeners).

    Excellent website: www.rehovotisrael.com


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