We choose Efrat after much deliberation. When speaking with other
people living here in Efrat we see that many people have had many
of the same considerations we did when choosing a home. We wanted
somewhere close to Jerusalem with a community feel without that
suffocating feeling of everyone being involved and knowing your
every move. And yet, thereare people you can feel comfortable with
and develop a sense of friendship with too. A place with services
that a city has such as groceries, health care, schools and community
centers etc. so that we don't have to leave our home
every time we need something. We wanted a mix of people, not a
homogeneous society to a certain extent, so that all of our children
can grow up being comfortable with who they choose to become.

From the financial aspect, there is such a range of pricing and sizes when
looking for housing that you can have a home that is identical to yours
back home or an apartment with many other neighbors and everything
in between. Your choice. The real estate has seemed to hold it's value
in the past and is easy to upgrade and expand if you so choose or sell
if need be. There is no entrance fee or acceptance committee and yet
there are still wonderful people here (joking) fulfilling their dream of
living in Israel together. There are people working in all different
sectors, mothers at home, at work etc etc.

The schools are some of the best in the country and they are well
equipped to handle olim here. There are plenty of private and public
daycares and preschools and we couldn't be happier with our kids

I wish you all the best of luck.


November 2008

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