Lice is part of life-Penina makes it bearable

I'd like to say (actually, I'd like to not have to say, but you know how it
is...) that Penina's excellent! Very professional, very helpful, quick to
respond, fearless! Whether you use her because you don't know what to do
about them or because you don't have the time to take care of them
effectively, Penina will get the job done.

I was travelling alone days after having to treat my daughter, and I was
happy to able to rely on Penina to take care of things while I was gone so
that I wouldn't have to start all over again when I got home.

For new olim: If no one told you lice are a part of life in Israel,
SURPRISE! At least you don't have to ever worry about your kids getting
teased for them, here, like they would in Chul.

November 2008


Professional Lice Lady
here to help you manage all your lice problems, pain and chemical free.

head checks
lice and nits removal
weekly maintenance
tips on how to prevent

Call Penina Neustadter: cell - 054-234-1016
home - 08-971-6608

Servicing Modiin, Chashmonaim, Nof Ayalon, Rannana and Yad Binyamin.

All inquiries are kept confidential. References are available upon

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