Yosef Raymond-pleasant plumber

I would like to make an unsolicited recommendation for a new plumber
in the neighborhood (RBS) named YOSEF RAYMOND.
He cleared two big clogs in our drains, was pleasant, cleaned up after
himself and he even did sponja on the mirpesset!

He has been to our house twice in the past week, once the same
day, and the other time on motzei Shabbos, without an extra charge!
He can reached at either 054-841-3024 or 077-434-0889.

RBS listserv
October 2008


  1. I also had a very pleasent experience with Yosef Raymond. I found him to be honest, hardworking and reliable. Something that isn't always easy to come by.


  2. We have had several very positive experiences with Yosef raymond/On Tap

    In both cases he showed up quickly to take care of the problem. He seems
    to really know what he is doing, is trustworthy and very pleasant. We
    would highly recommend working with him.

  3. his number ends with a 5 not a 4 and yes he is great


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