Excellent mechanic in Bet Shemesh

I want to recommend an excellent mechanic in Bet Shemesh.

The owners, Yossi (father), Adam & Arik (sons) are very honest & stand
behind their work. Arik and Adam also speak English very well. I bought
a used car and had a recurring problem for which I paid a FORTUNE to
"repair" SEVERAL times at a different mechanic in Jerusalem. The
problem was not fixed and the mechanic did not stand by his work. Each
time I got stuck somewhere and towed the car he said it was a different
cause (for the same problem) I finally got fed up and changed mechanics.

My car is also coming up for inspection so I asked him to fix this problem
but also to check for other issues which may impede my permit. I
explained everything to Adam, he checked the car thoroughly, found a
few problems, fixed them, and I picked up the car. The next day, after
they thought they'd fixed it, it started and cut off (original problem). It
was 2 hours before Shabbat and I was stuck in Bet Shemesh having just
visited the dentist. (I do not live in Bet Shemesh) I called them and
without question, they apologized and within 5 minutes sent one of their
employees to pick me up and drive me back to my moshav in time for
Shabbat. THEY towed the car back to their shop at their expense, kept
it for 2 days, fixed it WITHOUT ADDITIONAL CHARGE and stood
behind their work 100%. They were recommended by a friend who has
used them for 11 years and I'm SO grateful so I wanted to pass it on to
the oleh community.

Mechanic Hatzomet
Yigal Alon (the industrial road behind BIG)
Bet Shemesh

Tell them I sent you!

December 2008

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