I'm posting about this as a public service to women in Israel (or those of you who intend to one day live here). I went to a facility called Machon Hala (I searched but could not find a link). This was a clinic to rival any top clinic in the United States. Professional, kind, efficient and I even got a cover-up so I wouldn't have to sit in the altogether while waiting for
the doctor to come. I was told that the wait would very long, and to
bring a book and some food. (It wasn't bad at all). First I had the
mammogram, then the doctor came in and performed a breast exam
and did an ultra-sound. He discussed the results with me immediately
and made his recommendations on the spot (Thank G-d results were
all negative, and I am to return in a year).

And the best part was not an agura left my hand: this is completely
covered by my kupah (health insurance). [Actually, that's not true;
the best part was hearing the results].


If you live in Israel, do it at Machon Hala--you deserve this high
level of care. The clinic is located in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem.
You can reach them at (02)-659-5533.


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