Michael Gabbai-Recommended Builder & Designer

Michael Gabbai is a builder and designer. He made our renovation
(from top to tail) as painless an experience as I could have wanted.
He gives exceptional “after sales” service. I have since recommended
him to other people and 5 have used him and have been very happy.
He speaks a decent English but is of Moroccan stock originally and
is continuing a family tradition.

Highly recommended – you can reach him by 02-673-2075 –
use my name for a very warm welcome!

Neil Gillman
Aliyah Shaliach
Israel Aliyah Center - Mid Atlantic Region


  1. Does he use Arab Moslem workers?

  2. Michael is tops! He is personable, an expert in his field, knows the right connections and ways of Israeli construction here. His price quotes are very reasonable. He will be there for you after the job has been completed. He represented us for over a year at the construction site while we were in the States. He will asist you with extras: appliances, building materials, etc. Need further recommendation, email us: hfiers@yahoo.com.


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