Joanna refers you to Dr. Preter in Ramat Aviv

I know an amazing [chiropractor] , but his clinic is in Ramat Aviv.
He is fully holistic and truly amazing. You are more than welcome
to pass the name on, but please, tell anyone you
pass to that if they go, to tell the people in the office and also Dr.
Preter, that Joanna referred them. It would be greatly appreciated as I
would like him to know that I am recommending him (I don't receive
anything for it, I just want him to know). He also gives a free
lecture/presentation once every two weeks or so. If you'll call the office,
they'll let you know when the next one is. In this presentation, he explains
exactly how he works both on one's body, and also hand in hand with
practitioners of other types of alternative medicine. He's so effective—
after one of his treatments, I think my third, my vision even improved

Here's all the contact information, plus directions to his clinic:

Dr. Rafi Preter

Mercaz Briut Or Rafael

Rehov Moshe Barazani 4

Tel Aviv 69121

*Recommended by: Joanna

5Towns yahoogroup
January 2009

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