Life Coach for Yound Kids-Gilo

I would like to make a recommendation for a life coach, if you need
some one that deals with young kids with issues from add to improving
in school and dealing with exam stress, and other areas like giving
kids tools for the real world, or kids that have to adjust into a new
country, i really recommend Gilad. He is great with kids, and
teenagers. I have seen first hand how he has help guide and give tools
that are so needed. he really cares. he also does coaching with the
parents which gives a more wholesome solution.

If you have any questions contact gilad at
gilad@interivity. com


1 comment:

  1. we have used Gilad's services we have been very happy with them. good
    results. he can be contacted 0r 052 765 2936.
    if you have any questions i would be delighted to give any information
    i may have.


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