Good Service gives a good name to EYE WORLD in Jerusaelm

Yesterday I was in Eye World at 16 King George street, with my sister,
helping her pick out new frames. We were both so grateful and amazed
at the amazing service that they continue to offer even after going
there for the first time almost 20 years ago that I decided that I
had to let Olim know what an amazing store they are to deal with.
Eye World has a couple of branches in Jerusalem (I was in
the one next on King George street and they have one in Givat Shaul).
Their salespeople and optometrists speak English and Hebrew and are
so customer service friendly it is truly a pleasure.

When my son needed glasses I started to wonder why I was making the
trip to Jerusalem from Efrat for a product like glasses that is sold
all over. Let me tell you that their service is so amazing I can't
imagine going anywhere else, not to mention their products. When my
parents made aliyah in 1990 we started going to them and our whole
family (including grandchildren) are going there to this day. They
offer eye tests, amazing service, excellent pricing and beautiful
glasses and wonderful people to deal with.

When my son got glasses (and my sister) they offered us either a 20%
discount on the frames or an extra frame from a selection of frames
they have for free. It has been a lifesaver having two pairs since as
a boy he plays sports in them and sometimes forgets them places.
There is even someone who works at Eye World who lives in Efrat and
has taken them in for me for fixing when I knew I couldn't get in to
Jerusalem that day and she then brought them back to Efrat after work
that day.

I was just thinking about how important it is to have good service
places to go to in Israel and Eye World is definitely one of those
places worth knowing about. I just checked and their phone number is
02-625-0163. Located at 16 King George Street. A good name precedes
all else.

February 2009

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