Bet Rimon is easy on olim

Bet Rimon is a fairly laid back Torah observant community of
about eighty families with lots available for building. There is also
some rental housing available.

It has been an ideal environment for raising my children, ages
11, 9, 7, and almost 5, and was an easy place to land as an Oleh.
It has enough English speakers for those who don't speak Hebrew well
yet, but the kids' context is pretty much all Israeli. We have at least
twenty two native English speakers and a handful more than speak

We are 15 minutes from Upper Nazareth, twenty-five from Tiberias
and about forty five from Haifa.

If ... our community sounds interesting to you, please feel free to
contact me and we can arrange for a Shabbat visit.

The Bet Rimon Junction is located five kilometers west of the Golani
Junction (Haifa direction from Golani) and about twelve east of the
Hamovil Junction (Tiberias Direction from there). From Golani, turn
right, from Hamovil left, and proceed up the six kilometer road to the
entrance of the community. Go straight through the gate; at the circle
turn right; then continue along the road about a hundred and fifty
meters until you see parking on your left.

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  1. My wofe and I (and our 2 young children) would love to visit your community as one of our prospective Aliyah locations. We hope to make our Pilot Trip in a few months.
    My email is:

    Thank you,
    Ben Goldstein


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