Online Grocery Shopping


There is a new service offered online. It is a very useful,
well stocked new business which allows you to buy almost any grocery
item at competitive prices. They deliver right to the door and have the
best hechsherim. They carry some of the most sought after products
from the US and Europe plus every day staples.

Their number is 0526753725. They are people with whom it is a pleasure
to do business. Give them a call for anything you might be seeking.

April 2009


  1. I just noticed that the above posting was made in April 2009. Since then, they've been under new management & the service has only gotten better!! Their new contact info is: 052-899-8158 or 054-686-1400.

    They just started a new discount section w/ discounts on lots of everyday items - well worth checking out.
    It was such a pleasure to get american customer service in Israel. I think it was the biggest help when i was pregnant or for times when i had to take the kids to the store - it was such a break to order it online & let them schlep it over for me. Anyone who hasnt yet, needs to try them out, it will change your life!

    September 2010


    they're new in the market but they have amazing prices and great service!


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