Dr. Reuven Rosenberg-non-invasive treatments that work in RBS

The parents tried everything the docs could offer and had made an
appointment with the head of gastro in Hadassah Ein Kerem.

Then, after one visit to Dr. Rosenberg on Lachish about 2 weeks ago, for a
little pressing and adjusting, and she's been going every day like clockwork
and sleeping.well. like a baby!

I highly recommend him for all colicky, cranky babies and for kids & adults,

Non-invasive treatments that really make a difference!

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April 2009

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  1. Dr. Rosenberg saves the day AGAIN! I complained of feeling weak for a long
    time and he found I had a thyroid problem. He prescribed food-grade iodine,
    just 1 drop a day, and I have never felt better!

    Energy, stamina, a fresh wonderful feeling all day!

    See Dr. Rosenberg for any health issues you are facing. He is a creative
    genius in the health field, always on the lookout for new and innovative
    ways to help his clients feel better.



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