Yehuda Fowler meets sky high standards for massage in RBS

As a 16 year massage consumer, I had been disappointed with massages
I received ever since my massage therapist in America decided to close
his business. I went to a variety of spas and sole practitioners, yet no
one could ever compete with my previous therapist. I never
thought I'd find a replacement; my standards for excellent massages
were high sky. I have now had massages on three occasions in RBS A
from Yehuda Fowler who moved to RBS-A about a month ago from
Yerushalaim. He is reasonably priced, versatile, talented, experienced,
personable, and has exceeded my standards for professional massage.
Yehuda is expert in many massage styles, including Chinese massage.
His entire family are massage therapists, including his parents, uncle,
and grandfather. That grandfather was responsible for bringing
acupuncture to Canada.

I highly highly highly recommend him to. His number is 052-736-4344.

RBS yahoogroup
March 2009

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