"Refet Robotit" tiyul for kids & adults alike

I would like to recommend to all those planning a trip to the Golan,
an excellent place for children. It is called the "Refet Robotit"
and is in Moshav Avnei Eitan. It is a cow farm and have a robot
which milks the 60 heads of cows.

Leora and Nechamya the owners
begin the tour with a small video in an air-conditioned room. From
there one goes to see the robot at work, again in an air conditioned
room where Nechemya describes the working of the machine and his
operation. He is very interesting and answers all questions.

Then the kids get to feed the calves with bottles and finally can make
butter from milk and get chocolate milk to drink.

The tour takes a bit over an hour and a great time was had by all.
Both the adults and children (aged 8-3) enjoyed the tour.
The farm is Shomrei Shabbat.

The tour we took was in Hebrew and I am not sure if they
could give it in English* but I suggest asking. The phone number for
informaiton and reservations is; 04-6763563 and 050-4060311
(Leora). Enjoy.

July 2009

*please let IsraelEasy know if you find out it they speak English too.

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