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Two weeks ago, I stopped using my air conditioning for the greater part
of the day. It works fine, I just do not have as much need as I used to. I
live in Sun Hills in RBS A. The area is aptly named. We get very strong
sunlight for most of the day*. What happened?*

My home became *"Made in the Shade"*. Chaim Gamliel, the owner and
a nice young family man, came and in two days, tinted all of my
windows, my Marpeset doors and the glass surround on my Marpeset.

He also diffused mybathroom doors. All of our windows have dark
"polarized" tinting on them. It not only keeps the rooms appreciably
cooler, but also assures the utmost in privacy protection. From the
outside, what you see is a reflective surface and from the inside, it
feels like your home is wearing dark sunglasses.

I highly recommend *Made in the Shade Window Tinting* for your
home, marpeset and even your car.

Made in the Shade Window Tinting
052-763-2027 02-991-TINT
Chaim Gamliel

Yocheved & Naftali
July 2009

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