Camera Repair in Jerusalem

There is a Russian man by the name of Efim who does a great job and is
very reasonable.
His shop is on 2 Rechov Yehudit, right off of Rechov Yaffa.
His is in most days and will often have it ready in a couple of hours.
He also backs his work and gives a guarantee, which he upholds.
His number is 052 390 4055.

Good Luck
November 2009


  1. Great blog. Keep up the good work!

    Also, please checkout for 100% Made in Israel judaica and other products. Personalized benchers and kippot.

  2. Efim has moved shop he is now at 2 Rehov Pines just near the Davidka Square. Phone number is the same. Good service and reasonble prices.

  3. He's still there, he cleaned dirt out of a camera for me for NIS 200 ($51 dollars, another NIS 20 to examine it). Asked me if I take pictures in the desert, I told him that sometimes I do. The most recent place I used it was in the Negev although it had been filling with dirt for some time.


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