Shira Izikowitz massage and reflexology-Netanya area

I would highly like to recommend Shira Izikowitz as a massage and reflexology
therapist in the Netanya area. She works from her home in Kiryat Hasharon but
is willing to treat clients in their own homes in the Netanya/Sharon area up to
Raanana, Kfar Saba etc at no extra charge.

Her prices are very reasonable and she's a lovely person, very professional -
twelve years experience.
She can be contacted at 052-3794326

November 2009


  1. I would like to add to Jackie's comments. Shira Izikowitz is an outstanding therapist.
    For more info on her treatments look at the website:

  2. Shira is THE best. I feel so great since using her - would recommend her to the world! She comes to my boutique B&B - Casa Caesarea - and my guests so love her they never want to leave! (which is fine with me!)


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