Dvorah at Horovitz Investments and Properties in Tiberias is wonderful!

I’ve been reading all about the great real estate folks on your blog and just have to get my two-cents worth in!
My husband and I just recently made Aliyah to Tiberias – yes, Tiberias. While a bit off the beaten path, a truly wonderful and growing community that needs more people – and entrepreneurs. We made our pilot trip over a year ago and visited pretty much everywhere EXCEPT Tiberias, but all of a sudden began to get emails about the city and saw how truly beautiful it was on the Kinneret.
Actually, what really sold us on Tiberias was primarily that the town only had a population of about 35,000 but it is in the beginning phase of a huge technology and business growth spurt. The second selling point was Dvorah – our sales agent from a well respected investment and property company there. Professional, efficient and a wealth of knowledge about the area that we had been unable to find – face it, it’s not Tel Aviv or Jerusalem or Haifa, etc etc.
With Dvorah’s help we found a 5 room home in one of the best neighborhoods, with a stunning view of the Kinneret and mountains which would easily have sold for 1,000,000 ILS anywhere else in Israel! In addition, Tiberias is only a couple hours out of Jerusalem, not even an hour from Haifa which has a train that goes straight to Tel Aviv. Sorry every other city in Israel – Tiberias is perfect!
Dvorah was also very honest and helpful when it came to buying our home – legal, financial, etc; and as she had made Aliyah as well actually escorted us around to ensure all of our documents, bills, bank accounts, etc were handled promptly and correctly. We speak very rudimentary Hebrew, and while hers wasn’t perfect – believe me she more than got the job done.
So, if anyone is looking for luxury living in a mid-sized, growing very modern community please contact Dvorah at Horovitz Investments and Properties in Tiberias. The website is http://www.h-re.co.il
Hope this helps a family or individual make up their mind and know that here in Israel it’s not always about the money!
From a very satisfied new Olah!
Laurie S.
Tverya, Israel
December 2009

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