David Garber PT in 5Towns

I want to give a personal recommendation for
anyone looking for a great physical therapist.
I threw my back out and could not move at all!!!

I called Therapysport in Zichron, and spoke with
David Garber. David was so accommodating,
professional, and definitely knew what he was
doing. He saw me 2 days in a row, and by the
third day, I was moving around again- which
was amazing since my daughter's Bat Mitzvah
was that weekend! Because of David, I was able
to dance with my daughter- when only days
before I literally could not walk.

We all have had positive and negative experiences
when getting any type of treatment- so I wanted
to make sure to share this with you all- as a big positive.

If anyone needs an amazing physical therapist-
David's number is 04-870-5758 or you can
always email him at david@therapysport. co.il
Trust me, he is definitely the man to see.

5Towns Yahoogroup
February 2011

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