from Gush Katif to the Golan-great zimmers!

Dear Friends,

My daughter Sarah, a former resident of Gush Katif ,
now relocated in Avnei Eitan, has 2 adorable and
affordable vacation tzimmers (cabins) for your
vacation in the natural beauty of the Golan Hts.

Info & photos: Ein MiKidem Zimmers.

They are situated between 2 amazing waterfalls
in a rural, pastoral setting just above Lake Kinneret,
on a religious moshav with winery and dairy farm.

A family friendly atmosphere with lots of nearby
options for fun and educational experiences,
it's our family's most favorite vacation spot!

Don't miss the profuse natural display of wildflowers
in the Spring!

Please save this information for future use and share
with your friends. View the website and call my
daughter Sarah (Jaffe) Avraham 054-568-4210
for info or to reserve for your next get-away.

Ellen Jaffe ( Rova resident)
Rova yahogroup
March 2011

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