Grow in Maale Amos

I am convinced that the reason that thousands of people don't live in
MaaleAmos is because people don't know it exists. I am now leaking
the news.

I am Aryeh.

I am contractor living in a beautiful Haredi Yishuv, Maale
Amos. I have lived here for almost 18 years. The Yishuv has under-
gone many changes over the years, but unfortunately has remained
somewhat small. We would like to change that.

It is my opinion that Maale Amos is a small Goshen. We are out of
the way, just outside of Jerusalem. We have clean air. My house
especially has a breathtaking view of the Yam HaMelech.

We have a lot of other advantages as well. We are 12
minutes away from expert medical care in Efrat with a high quality
staff of American and English speaking staff. Dr. Ben Zev heads
the facility and he comes from a practice in Boston. The Yishuv
has its own ambulance in case of pregnancy's and other forms
of medical emergencies if needed.

TheYishuv has child care and both boys and girls education
right here on the Yishuv. We average one teacher to 7 students.
We claim fame to the only Biet Yakkov in Gush Etzion.
Rav Zev. Charlop is the Rabbi of our Yishuv. We
have a Vaad Clitah that interviews prospective Haredi applicants for
membership to our Yishuv. We are currently seeking new members.

Please contact me if you have any questions,

Aryeh Gershaw

Boniach HaYehudim Baum

Your Jewish Builders Ltd.

052-380-6542 Mobile

02-993-3238 Office

Fax 02-930-9592


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  1. is it possible to come and build our own home. we are farmers/homesteaders in Itamar, and woud be interested in a more chareidi environment for our children, along with our current eco-farm outfit. is such a thing possible there?


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