The Law of Return(ing Products)

The law is unquestionably, uncategorically - GET YOUR MONEY BACK and please please do not let salespeople, proprietors anyone tell you differently. STAND YOUR GROUND! There has been a long tradition which must be dissolved ASAP of giving only store credit at best, or just refusing returns.

MONEY BACK and this includes electrical, textile everything. There is a 2 week limit I think according to the law, but even that you can stand your ground. I had a NEW refrigerator conk out after 7 months and believe you me, I got ALL my money back, they wanted to pay me to get rid of me.

GET YOUR MONEY BACK. Call me or some good friend in front of the clerk giving you trouble, talk in English and say to the clerk "just a minute, 'm talking to my lawyer"; yep, it works. Trust me on this.

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February 2011

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